The b2t Team

Jessica Agnew, founder

Jessica Agnew is a doctoral candidate in the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.  Since 2014, Jessica has been researching the role of business in addressing global malnutrition.  She conducted field work in Bangladesh and Kenya while pursuing a Master of Science in Food, Agriculture and Resource Economics.  Jessica is passionate about market-based approaches to nutrition since it enables businesses and consumers in developing countries to have control over local food supply chains and choices that affect their families.


In March 2017, Jessica developed the BUY2THRIVE program for a community nutrition course.  After working with businesses in her Masters, she recognized that there was a need to teach mothers and fathers about how to make healthy food choices as well as about nutrition.  In October 2017, Jessica raised over $16,000 through the Clinton Global Initiative University conference to start the BUY2THRIVE Program in Mozambique.

Erica Townsend, Social Media manager

Erica is an undergraduate student at Virginia Tech double majoring in Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychology, with plans to graduate in 2020. She is actively involved in research labs at the Corporate Research Center and the Autism Research Center, and works with campus organizations that strive to improve both the physical and mental health of women and young girls in the community. Erica hopes to combine her interests by pursuing public health, and is particularly interested in eating disorders and nutrition, gender and racial equality, and the affordability and accessibility of healthcare.

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