How does buying lead to thriving?

Today, many lower income households in developing countries purchase a portion or all their food from local food markets.  Businesses and local entrepreneurs, therefore, can play a role in the global fight against malnutrition.  However, nutrition education has not yet been used to support the relationship between households and food markets.  While knowing the right types of foods to eat is important, especially for women and children, knowing how to make adjustments to food purchases based on changes in income or changes in food availability, for example, is also important in making permanent improvements to the quality of diets.  


B2T is a nutrition education program that integrates education on food purchasing for low-income families, educating mothers and fathers on the diets that will allow themselves and their children to thrive.  B2T also supports businesses that desire to sell nutritious foods in markets that lower income households access on a regular basis.


Programs like BUY2THRIVE often create impacts beyond the target group of people. In addition to improving health of women and children, this program could increase productivity and incomes, change the types of food available in the market, increase access to nutritious foods and lead to changes in government policy.  Education of women is known to be one of the foremost solutions in reducing hunger and poverty.

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