Connecting nutrition education and food markets globally




BUY2THRIVE's mission is to create a link between nutrition education and food purchasing in the minds of consumers to increase the purchase of a variety of nutritious foods. Eating a diverse diet is one of the most effective ways to improve nutrition and health. B2T is an education program that teaches parents of young children how to buy and prepare foods that will allow their families to thrive.  It also trains trusted community leaders that can assist in the delivery of the education program.  This education is paired with support to local businesses and producers to ensure that there is sufficient supply of nutritious foods to those who need it the most.

Currently the program is designed specifically for developing countries, where many households purchase at least some of their household food but still face many constraints in eating a healthy diet.  Eventually, the goal will be to expand B2T to developed countries as well to increase the quality of the connection between individuals and the businesses they purchase their food from.


what is hidden hunger?

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